Vinoth Kannan

YouTube videos - பரிந்துரைக்கப்படுபவை

How to Find Your Passion?

Who is Responsible for Amazon Forest Fire?

Thirumavalavan Got Exposed

How to Train your BRAIN?

Brief Answers to the Big Questions - Stephen Hawking

5 simple ways to increase your brain memory power 50%


IKIGAI - A Japanese Secret to a Long & Happy Life

I got this book by accident six months back…

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Great! Would you recommend it to read?

Anyway, I recommend following her YouTube channel. She’s doing a really good job in book reviewing.

I haven’t read the book. But, I saw her video!!! nice one to share…

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Evolution: 10 Misunderstandings

I’m already tired of this Healer Baskar. They should keep him in jail for lifetime.

Moon landing - explained

I do believe it’s true.

கோழியா, முட்டையா, எது முதலில் வந்தது? | Chicken or Egg?

Bermuda triangle - debunked

பெர்முடா முக்கோணம்