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Useful tech tips and tricks

Dots don’t matter in Gmail address

If someone accidentally adds dots to your address when emailing you, you’ll still get that email. For example, if your email is “”, you own all dotted versions of your address:

In vice-versa, if your email already has a dot then you own the dotless version too.


You can add an alias to make virtually unlimited email addresses with just a single Gmail account. You can add a “+” symbol after your username, then add an alias just before the “@“ symbol. For example, you can use “” or “” for different needs. using aliases also allows you to filter responses and cut the clutter.

Sharing Live Albums

In Google Photos, you can share photos of particular person to him/her by creating and sharing a live album. In future, when you click a new photo of that person it will get shared automatically.

Partner Sharing

Like live albums, you can share your entire photo library with your life partner using the “Partner Sharing” setting. You can limit the photos you’re sharing by the faces.

Google Photos Partner Sharing

Plus Codes by Google Maps

The postal addresses are not convenient online. So we use other solutions. You can simply share a location on WhatsApp or any other messenger. But what is the alternative to share a location in text format? For that, you can use “Plus Codes”. It’s based on latitude and longitude.

For example, you can replace this below address

Blaack Forest,
No.12, 80 Feet Road,
Opp. Sundaram Park,
K.K. Nagar,
Madurai - 625020.

with this :arrow_down: single line of text

W4JX+QF Madurai

Now you can navigate to this location by simply Googling the above text. You can find the plus codes in Google Maps itself like below.

In the above image, you can just replace the area name with the city name. Optionally you can still shorten it to “6JXWW4JX+QF” without the city name. You can also find a plus code by navigating to

plus-code-01.PNG plus-code-02.PNG

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