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This film got Oscars and popped out at that time outrageously.

Yes. I added it to my watchlist after it won the oscar. For some reason, it gave me the vibes of “Slumdog millionaire” in some parts even though it’s completely different.

Anyway, I like to mention two other oscar won movies here.

La La Land

The first-ever English movie I watched with so many songs. A big thumbs up for Emma Stone’s acting. I didn’t understand the ending well. But still enjoyed it.

Life of Pi

The only oscar won movie which has a Tamil title song, Tamil dialogues, and shot in our nearby locations (Munnar & Pondicherry). It has an excellent storyline and screenplay. FTR, I believe the second story which Pi told to the insurance agents is the true one.

A very good film. It’s a little bit slow. But the storyline of this film is as good as Pink (Nerkonda Paarvai).

The film is amazing & truly inspirational. Everyone’s acting is great. Suriya and Sudha Kongara both did proper justice to Captain Gopinath’s real-life story.

Still, I felt like it’s a little bit overdramatic in some places. And the VFX scenes could have been better.

Mookuthi Amman - This is a Kollywood version of the movie PK (my most favorite Hindi film). Even though it’s not up to the level of PK and it also overdramatic still it’s good and watchable.

In the “secret santa :santa:” game in my company I received a “Friends” doodle art coffee mug gift from my colleague. Looks like he/she read my above post about the series :blush:

It’s a wonderful addition in my fandom collection. Soon I will list all my fandom stuffs here.

Now I’m rewatching the series again. It become an easy stress buster. So I made a small change in the order.


About the life of a girl who’s suffering from the ultra-orthodox Jewish traditions. I never saw this level of orthodox people in life or in any cinema.

I think this is the most complex one in Nolan’s films. Anyway, the movie is good. Easily understandable as a whole. But need to rewatch to understand all the small things.

The Queen's Gambit

If you love chess then you will enjoy this historical series.

Paava Kadhaigal

Directors and actors in all four episodes did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend this. But it’s very hard to watch. It’s not even possible to watch all 4 episodes at a single stretch. I took two big breaks between the episodes.

Vijay Sethupathi won national award for Super Deluxe movie :heart::heart::heart_eyes: