Vinoth Kannan

My favorite movies & TV shows 🎥 🍿 📺


Now only I got chance to see this movie. It was really good.

Twists are good.

The Prestige is a good one which kishore told us a long back…

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Yes, he told us the whole plot. I enjoyed it while watching.

One of the good spy thriller web series in prime video like Jack Ryan (TV series). Available in Tamil too.

Eagerly waiting for Chapter 2 :heart_eyes:

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I completed Jack Ryan both parts…and Family man nearly 75%…both are good in their flavors…

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I think Moosa & Srikanth’s first meeting is inspired by Bodyguard’s train scene. Anyway, I just finished the “Family Man” today :checkered_flag:

Second season of Jack Ryan is in my watchlist for a long time. I only finished the first episode.

The second-best tv series I ever watched. (after the Sherlock)

I don’t have the odd Netflix…I had Amazon prime some 3 months back…

An emotional zombie movie.

Kill Bill

One of my all-time favorite movies. Never seen this much action and violence in a female lead movie. I’m a big fan of its music too. The popular whistle sound :arrow_down: is my phone’s ringtone for the last 2 years.

The music in this fight scene is top-notch. :headphones: :arrow_down:


I recently watched “Django”. It’s another great movie from Tarantino. It’s about the American slavery. It has 3 times more violence comparing to the “Kill Bill”.

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I heard about these movies and haven’t watched…Now also no time see these…Later so e time i hope i can see…

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A feel good movie.

A very unique family drama with lots of entertainment and emotions.

A good web series with many interesting time paradoxes. There are lots of time travels. It’s hard to understand everything at first time. Many characters will travel through 2+ timelines at the same time. I’m watching the 2nd season now. Still I should rewatch from the beginning to understand all the small details.