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Mobile photography 📸

:round_pushpin: Gobble Dobble, Madurai

Solar Eclipse

Somehow the reflection of the eclipse is showing up in my camera lens alone with the sun shines.

Weekend Trip

:round_pushpin: Bodimettu, Tamil Nadu

:round_pushpin: Anayirankal Dam

:round_pushpin: Munnar, Kerala

Bought a new phone :slight_smile: Now everyone can expect photos more often.


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Astrophotography in Pixel 4a

The astrophotography camera feature in my mobile is better than I thought. Anyway I received :100:+ :mosquito: bites for it. I have to stay still for ~4 minutes. It’s possible to take front facing closeup photos only if mosquitoes didn’t disturb. I switched to a full sleeve t-shirt to stop them :joy:.

As per Google, I can get even more details from the sky if I take these photos in dark places (like the remote areas outside the city). So I’m looking forward to my next trip now :red_car: :national_park: :milky_way: :grinning:.

Other attempts

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Excellent Photography!!! I liked it very much…really best than Galileo Galilei lenses… Great!!

You can take an over video shoot and see how the celestial things are moving!! It is already able to show the constellations… you can do now Astro research!!!

Thank you!!! In a proper setup it’s capable to take a photo like below. So I’m already excited to try it.


Anyway current mobile phones are not yet capable to capture videos in astro mode. It took 4 minutes to take a single shot. So videos are not possible at the moment.

I know it’s not good enough to be in this “photography” topic. This is just me :exploding_head: in 2020. (my new phone case)

:cloud_with_rain: Rainy Madurai


Madurai river view road


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Nice to see… will wait for its strength in this rain…

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Vagamon Camping Trip :tent:

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Throwback from Christmas 2019

FTR, I’m an atheist.

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Dragon fly

Green head and blue tailed

It’s happening!