Vinoth Kannan

Favorite stand up comedies & comedians in English

Trevor Noah

My favorite comedian in the :earth_africa: He is an amazing storyteller. Previously, I planned to attend his show in Mumbai this year. But it’s canceled due to the corona pandemic. Sometimes I even watch American politics news (in The Daily Show) to enjoy his comedies.

Kenny Sebastian

He’s my favorite comedian in :india:

Rahul Subramanian

The best thing is all three (Trevor, Kenny, and Rahul) will do live comedies in a public crowd without any preparation or script.


He’s my new favorite. Sometimes he will pause between his comedies so the audience can understand it.

Kenny Sebastian: Stand Up Comedy Special

The Most Interesting Person in The Room

Non-stop entertainment for one hour.

“Uber Driver & Grandmother” by Urooj Ashfaq

The first girl on the list.

Anand Rathnam

Over Expressive couples are annoying

Marriage is a scam

cc: @sathyapriyav

Marital rape

Funny and informative.

How The British Took Over India

Dating an Indian | by Mila Supinskaya