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Coronavirus / COVID-19 🦠

What?! :scream:

And 14 new cases in Madurai :frowning:

Madurai’s Thabal Thanthi Nagar sealed after identified as containment zone.

Today 56 confirmed cases and 103 recovered cases in Tamil Nadu :green_heart:

Coronavirus Tamil Nadu

Covid-19 Tamil Nadu 2020-04-17

Because they didn’t close the district borders completely. Recently one of my friends went for a round trip to Dindigul for an emergency situation. The worst thing is no one questioned him on the journey :angry:

In Tamil Nadu, the count of the recovered cases (960) are bigger than the active cases (838) now. Anyway, the big cities are still in danger. Hope the situation will come to a stable state soon.

Tamil Nadu Covid-19 cases

Why the hell they’re not closing the district borders? :sob:


If it continues, then the green zone will become orange soon :angry:


Already the active cases graph is going up :man_facepalming:. Number of active cases are tripled in last 10 days.

Like India, Singapore also easing the lockdown when the spread is not over yet. Maybe the governments realized that they have to live with that else the country will run out of money. Not sure about whether its good or not.

Its risky business only. But, no other ways to shot it down… Will see…

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The current lockdown is a gimmick and we can’t blame anyone for that. But this :man_facepalming:

A private college lecturer and Tiruvaminyur resident packed his bags and left for Madurai with his family after a colleague at college tested positive. As attempts to get e-passes failed twice, they simply set out in their car in the wee hours. They reached their home in Madurai without anyone stopping them.

“It is impossible to stop every vehicle leaving the city and check passes,” said a cop manning an exit point. During peak hours 350 to 750 vehicles pass through Vandalur every minute, and most of them are non-commercial vehicles, a police officer said.

A couple running a stationery store in Adyar got an offer from a private bus operator. “He has quoted Rs 1,600 per head up to Madurai, and we do not have to worry about e-passes. If the situation gets any worse, we may leave,” they told TOI.

I believe closing the borders of states and cities is more important than the lockdown. At least they can close Chennai borders.

After a month, it looks like not affected a much. Not a disaster at least.

They lost the control… People already spreaded from chennai…We have to learn living with corona…No other option…

I agree and I know we don’t have any other choices except living with corona. My big concern is spreading speed. Now the only positive thing which we have is “low spreading speed” (because of the climate, immunity, or whatever). If it increased rapidly then our healthcare system can’t handle it.

If we look for government to control, its gone. The discipline we maintained in the lockdown showing its results now. Hereafter, its home practice only help us. Every individual has to take responsibility and follow our traditional medicines (patti vaithiyam). Otherwise we will loose our elder generation in this 2020.

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I hope they do.

Looks like the markets are more vulnerable when comparing with any other public gathering places. :thinking:

  1. Wuhan seafood market
  2. Chennai Koyambedu market
  3. Madurai Paravai market

Is covid danger for children?

What experts say


As per today’s numbers, the death ratios are below. The US and Russia have a huge difference in it.

Location Death ratio (%)
Wordwide 8.80
United States 13.64
Brazil 7.37
Russia 2.21
India 4.80

When we calculate it with Tamil Nadu numbers it looks like Chennai have less death rate than Madurai.

Death rate (%)
Tamil Nadu 2.33
Chennai 2.46
Madurai 4.55


The bad news

In this topic, previously I added many posts about how dangerous the coronavirus is. Now I’m going to take a u-turn. Yes, still it’s a deadly disease. But it looks like most Indians are somehow immune to it. Many of you might realize it already.


:arrow_up: These are the top 5 countries by the total number of cases.

image image image image image

If you look closer India has a very less amount of active cases among these countries. Look at the size of the yellow bar in all countries. This is our situation while we don’t follow the social distancing norms correctly. And without any serious lockdowns.


In my city (Madurai), the most number of cases recorded in the last one month is 48. Even that count is very low (~0.003%) while comparing it to the population. In other words, only ~3 out of 1 lakh people are hospitalized for Covid daily.

So I think we can conclude that the covid is not a big threat to us (except for elderly people).

New covid strain. Is it more dangerous?

Short answer: Nope

Long answer:


Statewise total number of persons vaccinated as on January 16th 2021