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Coronavirus / COVID-19 🦠

I think India will reach 1000 Coranavirus cases mark within a week. And the US may beat Italy very soon.


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9 active cases now.

Good news :clap:


Madurai’s first corona positive case. We may be going to have tough days :cry:

Covid-19 positive cases in the US is around 41,000 which could double by the next month and surpass China’s tally of 81,093 cases.

Experts said that the US will surpass China too :scream:


Totally 81K people affected in China in the last 3 months. But nearly 1 Lakh people in the world and 20K people in the US are affected in the last 2 days. At least it will take a couple of months to control corona worldwide.

The first death in my city :fearful:


Both have happened today :frowning_face:

Most affected countries by their affected rate per 1 million people. Looks like Europe is in more trouble comparing to other continents.

Rank Country Affected Per million
8 Switzerland 12,311 1,422
9 Spain 64,059 1,370
10 Italy 80,589 1,333
17 Germany 47,373 565
20 France 29,155 447
23 Iran 32,332 385
36 USA 85,906 260
39 UK 14,579 215

FTR, now India’s affected rate per million is 0.6 and for China, it is 57.

Source: Coronavirus Update (Live): 859,458 Cases and 42,339 Deaths from COVID-19 Virus Outbreak - Worldometer



India has more than 3.5 times of cases in a week. Also, a week ago the US surpassed China. Now they are 3 times bigger than them.

U.S. > China x 3
U.S. > Italy x 2

Google’s Community Mobility Report for India

March 29, 2020

Google created a few reports to show how effectively the lockdown is working in India. Based on their location data.

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2020-03-29_IN_Mobility_Report_en.pdf (44.4 KB)

What?! :scream: