Vinoth Kannan

Best (my favorite) android mobile apps

Sleep as Android

If you’re an insomniac person like me then this app will help you to track and improve your sleep. It has an excellent inbuilt alarm feature too. A big yes if you have a smartwatch.

Loop Habit Tracker

Best place to start and track your new habits.


This is a productivity app. Also, you can use it as a replacement for your existing todo, bookmarks, note-taking, daily journal, and project management apps. You may need a small learning curve before understanding this app fully.

Your Phone Companion

If you like to sync your phone with a windows computer then this is the no-brainer app from Microsoft.

A simple, clean, and elegant to-do list app. It has Google assistant support too. Microsoft To Do also a nice one. It has a native windows app version too.


This app is similar to the “Loop Habit Tracker”. But this is more helpful to track your daily routines. Anyway, it may not the right app if you don’t have a premium subscription.


A very good place to invest and trade in mutual funds.

Why would a recording app win “Best App of the Year” award?

Highly recommended must-have sound recorder app from Google. Since it’s not yet available on non-Google phones you should install it from the below link :arrow_down: