Vinoth Kannan

2020 - Year in Review

January & February

This year started exactly like how I planned. We traveled a lot in the first two months. We visited 5 places (Munnar, Bangalore, Kodaikanal, Yercaud & Kovilpatti) and reached around 3000 kilometers :golf:

couple travel in red car

March to September

Then the lockdown began. My plan of two big foreign trips this year vanished. “Eat, sleep, work and repeat” is become my routine for 7 months :man_facepalming:

sleep, work and repeat

I never thought I would get tired of working alone.


October & November

It’s started very well after a long time but

smile & shock

then quickly became the worst month.


Anyway, at the end of November, we’re gifted with a new :baby: which is the best thing that happened this year :star_struck:


I decided not to worry about corona and travel again. Then went on a camping trip in Vagamon.


Whatever happens, I’m going to resume all my travel plans in 2021. Let’s hope better :crossed_fingers:

Music :musical_note:

YouTube music app autogenerated my most listened songs of 2020. You can listen to that playlist from the link below.

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